Can I book out a Private Session?

Yes. If all 6 slots are available on the booking calendar, you can book a Private Session. If you are booking for over 12 guests you can also requests to book out back to back sessions at no extra charge (as long as all 6 slots are available on both session times). This will make the Private Session 4 and a half hours long.

How many guests do I need to hire a Private Session?

To hire out a Private Session, a booking will need to be made for all 6 available slots. If you have less than 6 guests you still can book a Private Session, just all slots must be purchased.

How do I book a Private Session for 6 or less people?

If you are booking a Private Session for 6 or less guests, just make sure all 6 slots are available for the selected time on the booking calendar. Then go ahead and purchase all 6 slots. **NOTE** All 6 slots must be purchased to ensure a Private Session

Can I bring food & drinks into a Private Session?

You are welcome to bring in outside food to your private sessions as this won’t interfere with other guests. No glass however is allowed into the bathhouse. All food plates and dishes will need to be plastic. Packages are available for purchase during your Bathhouse Session. NO BYO.

How do I book a Private Session for 7 or more people?

If you are booking a Private Session for over 6 guests (up to 15 guests limit) you will need to follow the below instructions. **NOTE: IF YOU HAVE OVER 12 GUESTS WHO WILL BE ATTENDING, YOU CAN EMAIL AND ASK FOR BACK TO BACK SESSIONS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. GIVING YOU AND YOUR GUESTS 4 AND A HALF HRS OF PRIVATE SESSION.** Once you have confirmed that you have over 6 or 12 guests (if you are wanting to book out back to back sessions) coming, you can send an email to cenotecasa@gmail.com With the below information. This information is needed for us to create the event for your private session when there is 7 or more guests who will be attending. Once the event has been created we will send you a private URL that you can send to your guests and they can go and purchase their spots individually. It’s a very simple process!!! BOOKING INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR A PRIVATE SESSION - **7 OR MORE GUESTS** When you’re ready to book please email the below answers to cenotecasa@gmail.com Date of the Event: Session Start Time: Will you have over 12 guests? And if so do you want back to back sessions booked giving you 4 and half hours of session time?: Event Name: Event Information (If you would like your guests know what the event is for):

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